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Hey lovies!

So here's the tea. I deeply believe that the only way to gain true, long-lasting, and authentic connection in life and business is to tell the truth. Like all of it.

I recently said that if you can normalize the greatness that is Beyonce down to what kind of ice cream she eats and Netflix she binges on on an average Tuesday night as the human she is first and foremost and you can picture yourself right there along side her, then you can also picture yourself selling out stadiums, and leaving the legacy that she's leaving for every little girl out there.

Success is in our humanity and we find our own in the stories of others. And when we can connect on that level, everything about life and business gets easier because you are now more sure as anything that you are not alone. That is what we are creating. A community that feels like family and supports you like business partners, and fiercely cheers you on through it all.

I moved to Portland, OR in 2016 with two bags, a dream to be a full time photographer, and about 2 months rent to my name. I went to countless networking events that felt like speed dating with business cards and I was sized up by the number suspected in my bank account or the number of possible referrals (I didn't know a single person, so there were none) that I could give. It was a lonely and isolating start to my chapter here in Portland. I asked myself what it would be like to invite everyone to the table and if they were willing to contribute to the collective growth and share their story, they were more than welcome here. Stories are riddled with value and wisdom from lifetimes we were never apart of if you give the owners time and space to share.

Now I spend my time creating space where authenticity is shared, true connection is made, and community is bigger than networking. because when I know you, I see me. 

Empowering a community to create, inspire, and boldly share their passion for the purpose of collective growth, unity, and collaboration. When you win, we all win.


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xo, Cait

Cait Pearson

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