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How Can You Turn Failures into Opportunities

Updated: Jan 14

Every single thing that happens in your life is ultimately to your benefit.

I didn’t say it was all good. I said, “it’s in benefit.” There is a difference and it goes like this.

Think of exercise. In order to get in better shape, in order to lift heavier, run faster, go farther, you have to put yourself through adversity. Literally muscles need to tear in order to grow stronger. Same with life, the only way to know is to go through it. For certain anyway. You can read all the books, do all the research but the only way to know is to just do it.

So no matter if a business venture fails, a person quits on you, or the money didn’t come. You have two choices, forward or fear. You can’t go back, the experience has been had, so that’s too late and you didn’t die because that’s the only REAL end. So you choose: forward or fear? Fear keeps you stagnant. Tricks you into stillness, “frozen with fear.” Is not just a catchy phrase but it’s what happens when we let fear get the best of us. Forward or fear? The only resolve to fear is action. So let me just make this clear. Your only option is forward. Even if it’s small, forward is still forward and it counts and it lets fear know you’re the boss.

So next time you feel that icky sensation of failing creeping into your conscious. Gather the data and feedback and take what you need and keep going forward.

Business opportunity fell through? Was it funding? If so, could marketing have been better? Do you know someone who has done something similar you could ask for help? (This is always a huge opportunity with exponential benefits but often the hardest.)

A person quit, stopped communicating, broke up with you? Where did the communication falter?

Could you have asked more questions? Been a better listener? A more empathetic leader?

So how you turn every failure into opportunities?

Step 1: Ask more questions, to yourself and others. Feedback and insight is critical. Please don’t avoid it because it feels confrontational. It is confrontational, with your dead beat fear. No one else is judging you.

Step 2: Ask for help. When you’ve asked enough questions to decipher where the shift to unsuccessful happened, this is where I encourage you to find people in your community to collaborate with on how you could improve in the future.

Step 3: Move forward! You didn’t die, you have new insight on how to be better in the future and you’re now more resilient because you went through it! Take that fear!! Take what you need, leave the rest, and go on slaying your life and business.

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Xo, Cait


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