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My #1 Key To Having More Discipline

Look, I’m typically the type of gal that hates click bait titles like the one I gave this article but I really didn’t know anyway else to put this. It’s like a record on repeat lately about lack of motivation, lack of time, lack of money. Lack lack lack, like woahhh. And I wanted to give you my greatest advice on discipline, motivation, and consistency.

I also want you to know I don’t always get this right myself, in fact, instead of writing this post 4 hours ago instead I:

>Took my dog on a walk

>Did some laundry

>Loaded dishes in the dish washer

>Read a chapter in a book

> Scrolled Instagram

No I didn’t watch Netflix, and I’m sure some of you are thinking to yourself, “Well that’s a lot more productive than I am when I’m procrastinating things. Guys, I’ve also spent 2-3 hours pinning on Pinterest too, it happens to the best of us. You just have to find the way that when you’ve notice your distracted, how to bring yourself back and get back on task

How do I create discipline, stay motivated, and show up consistently?

I have a big enough vision for my personal life that will 100% never happen if I don’t bring myself back to task.

Essentially what I’m saying is you have to have a very big, very clear, very personal why.

Cliche and simple, I know. But if this doesn’t inspire you to get off your phone and take action then you must not have a clear enough vision to really believe you can get there.

This is how I create a very big, very clear, very personal why:

  • I write down four major headings on a sheet of paper: Lifestyle, Relationships, Income, Health

  • Then I spend 5-10 minutes on each heading writing down what my definition of success and happiness looks like at it’s best in all four of those areas. (ProTip: The more detailed you can get, the better. If you need 15-20 minutes to go crazy, do it. THIS IS YOUR LIFE)

  • Then I try (and this might take some time in the beginning, and you may have to do this multiple times in your life. Dreams change, that’s okay) to write a couple of paragraphs giving it the full picture on what my ideal life would look like.

For instance, in short, (because mine is long-winded, go figure) I travel once a month at least, I go to conferences all over the world to participate and to speak, I have friends that we invite over twice a month to entertain at our beautiful home in Portland. With an open floor plan, indoor/outdoor kitchen, and Adam and I travel for long weekends to see new places and visit friends in other parts of the country. I helped my parents pay off their debt and moved them out here to Oregon too. Adam and I are talking about starting a family, and I am confident, strong, with a healthy relationship to my body and to food. I intuitively eat without being too concerned about indulgence because I have made a commitment to myself to live fully, and move my body in ways that make me feel alive and push me to be the best person I can for myself everyday. Also this commitment reminds me that I’m always more capable than my mind tries to trick me into believing and that daily reminder is beautiful.

I wrote mine with a 5 year plan in mind, and this is the watered down version, like I said, get REAL SPECIFIC but you can set the parameters to whatever you’d like, preferably with at least 2-5 years out. Hell you can picture what “retirement” age looks like for you and visualize that.

This exercise is so important, and like I said it’s key to get super clear and specific because then you can actively see if your daily habits, your business goals, your current income, or your future plans are in alignment with this vision.

If not, why not? If so, how do you set yourself up for success everyday to make sure you’re at least moving the needle a little bit every day toward this vision. We don’t have to check all the boxes at once, every day, just showing up for the commitment of this vision is powerful and this is how I have found when I catch myself on my 40th minute of Pinterest pinning. I ask if this is actively procrastinating the vision for my life. If the answer is yes, move on.

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