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The More You Give, The More We All Have - Self Awareness

I’ve been rereading Brené Brown’s book, Dare to Lead, and I truly believe this is one of those books that every single time you read it you get something perspective shifting and new out of it. You become new again in a way.

If you don’t know anything about the book or Brené, what are you even doing here. LOL No, but seriously, at least do yourself a favor and listen to her Ted Talk. That will leave some impact, I’m sure of it.

Anyway, in reading this book it has retaught me a lot about shame and empathy and because I believe in divine timing, this episode that came out this week with Anaïs Ganouna, "Getting to Know Who You Are" is SUPER all about introspection and how showing up with your values 100% in your marketing for your business is not only important but vital in terms of long term success.

Think of it this way, you grow and change and your experiences shift you and challenge you but your core values, who you are… that doesn’t shift much. If you’re a person who pillars a lot of their life on the integrity at which you show up. Then you better believe your marketing for your business be alignment with that integrity as well.

I truly attribute my work on being more self-aware helped me take a step back from the podcast this year, get realigned with my values, and come back stronger than ever.

The podcast went from 1,126 downloads in 2018 to 10,017 downloads in 2019 even after taking 3 months off. You tell me this work isn't important.

Sometimes I feel like, especially when you run your own business, or your building a brand, OR maybe you’re just an Instagram enthusiast in your personal life. It might be an interesting test to see if what’s represented on their can give accurate insight on who you are as a person.

If I went on your page could I pick out your core values or are we relying too much on aesthetics and not enough heart?

Might be worth a look.

Anyway, I really didn’t write this to talk about marketing, your online digital presence, or even empathy or shame. I came here to talk about self awareness. It is the single most important thing I believe you can bring to the forefront of your mind in everything you do and be a million times more successful in all of your life doing it.

How do I be more self aware one might ask? Practice.

This is my advice on how to get started in self awareness.

Once you harness this power, virtually every single decision will feel more clear and intentional. You’ll quickly come to realize what you never actually decided for yourself and what was something you were taught or you bought into.

Then when you’re making decisions for your business, your brand, or even your next Instagram post, you can show up as who you are on purpose.

The Advice:

Get In Your Body - look, I’ll admit I’m not very good at sitting meditation. I’m much better at walking meditation (and if you didn’t know this is a thing, it’s a thing - you don’t have to just sit still to meditate) Meditation is about being in your body and being present. So how to become more self aware? Become aware of yourself. Your body.

So I think this is easiest at least in the beginning to do while sitting. Feet flat on the floor, back rested against a cushion, where your whole body is in rest and fully supported. Nothing is tense, clenched, or straining.

Then I start at my toes, literally the tips of my toes, I close my eyes and begin to slowly scan my physical body for sensation. Sometimes I wiggle my toes in the beginning just a little to bring awareness to where I would like my brain to focus its attention.

You will probably get distracted, your phone will go off, you’ll remember something to add to your to do list, you’ll reach for your coffee on a table on the first couple tries but I think it’s really important to keep starting over until you can slowly, slow like molasses, scan all the way through your entire physical body noticing tightness or tension or pain or just “off” ness. Also where there is lightness, or space, or strength. Even try to notice where you feel tired. You don’t have to write it down, just notice and acknowledge it. If you want to write it down, go for it. That might help you reinforce this practice.

Because ultimately all emotions have a physical reaction in our body, the more time we spend practicing to notice the physical things the more space this creates to do that in the midst of an emotional reaction in real time. This then helps us to be removed from our reactionary emotions for even just one second to possibly create a pause of opportunity to decide how we really feel and choose again.

As Brené gives a great example of this in her book. Shame, guilt, humiliation, and embarrassment are terms “we use interchangeably, when in reality these experiences are very different in terms of biology, biography, behavior, and self-talk, and they lead to radically different outcomes.”

What if the next time we felt shame come up in our body we automatically gave ourselves a moment to identify it before we reacted with our first primal instinct, which is usually to get angry or shut down. What if instead we felt empowered to call it by name and then communicate our feelings from a place of education, rather than reaction and hurt? Brené calls this emotional literacy and I’m here for it.

The more we all show up to become self aware, and then do the work around learning how to talk about it (emotional literacy) this creates so much opportunity for shame resilience (something she also goes over in the book - see I told you, get the book) and in turn helps us to feel more seen, heard, and valued in our life and relationships across the board.

When you show up to know yourself more, that gives more people space to do the same. The more you give, the more we all have.

If you’re super jazzed on conversations about self-awareness, shame, and even how this will help you to show up better in your business or brand. Listen to this week’s episode with Anaïs Ganouna.

A little about her below. :)

“I am Anaïs Ganouna. I am above all else, a heart-driven creative. I have built and sold businesses, created brands, productions, strategies, but none of it mattered until I connected to a deeper sense of purpose – living a life and creating a body of work that has a positive impact on the world, our communities, and the systems that support them.

When I’m not creating for clients, I am traveling to new and familiar places, finding puppies to play with, hiking Topanga, exploring my spirituality, and creating anything and everything just for fun.”

Her Instagram is: @anaisganouna & the website for her marketing firm is www.frankandanais.com

Thank you all so much for showing up to be with me.

As I deeply went there in last week’s post, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Xx, Cait

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